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This course will demonstrate how G Suite mail settings such as attachment and spam filtering improve the user mail experience. Sharing calendars and creating calendar resources such as conference rooms makes scheduling efficient.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe G Suite mail routing
  • Work with G Suite mail sender lists
  • Configure domain and IP address whitelists
  • List e-mail best practices
  • Recognize why e-mail filtering makes e-mail usage efficient
  • Configure an e-mail message footer and control inbound message file attachments
  • Configure a Sender Policy Framework DNS record
  • Describe which types of items can be migrated to G Suite
  • Migrate e-mail, contacts, and calendar items to G Suite
  • Describe G Suite calendaring options
  • Describe the purpose of calendar sharing and list the benefits
  • Create and share a group calendar
  • Delegate calendar access to others
  • Create and work with calendar resources
  • Manage G Suite e-mail and calendaring
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