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It takes time to build working relationships with people from other cultures, but it only takes a second to alienate them by accidentally breaking the rules of intercultural protocols. That's why relationships are so important in the current global business context, where you have to share objectives and working space with people with diverse cultural backgrounds. In this course, you will learn about dealing effectively with cultural difference to improve cross-cultural communication and build rapport. You'll also learn about the misunderstandings and behaviors that can hinder good communication and ways to overcome them. Finally, you'll learn strategies to give effective presentations to people from low- and high-context cultures.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to deal effectively with cultural differences to improve cross-cultural communication
  • Recognize strategies for building rapport across cultures
  • Classify examples of ethnocentrism, stereotypes, and misunderstandings in the context of cross-cultural communication
  • Recognize behaviors that can hinder cross-cultural communication and actions to overcome them
  • Classify the cultural attributes as either low- or high-context
  • Identify guidelines for a low-context approach to giving effective presentations
  • Identify guidelines for a high-context approach to giving effective presentations
  • Use strategies to overcome cultural differences
  • Audience

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