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People with food allergies, and those who care for them, look to the restaurant and foodservice industry for support when dining out or purchasing food products. In this course, you'll learn about food allergies, the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction, and methods to prevent illness from contact with allergens. You'll cover the eight most common allergenic foods and the different forms in which those foods are found. You'll also learn about food safety policies and training, and what to include in an allergen control plan. This course provides information about food allergens. Always follow the allergen control plan and food safety guidelines at your workplace. Our objective is to make this course complete and accurate, but no warranty of fitness is expressed or implied. How the information contained in this course is used is beyond the control of Skillsoft, and Skillsoft assumes no such liability.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the definition of a food allergy
  • Identify how to prepare for the possibility of a patron experiencing anaphylaxis
  • Identify why you need to be able to recognize signs of an allergic reaction
  • Identify menu items that could contain milk and egg allergens
  • Identify menu items that could contain fish and crustacean shellfish allergens
  • Identify menu items that could contain tree nut and peanut allergens
  • Identify menu items that could contain wheat and soybean allergens
  • Identify strategies food servers can use to prevent customer exposure to known allergens
  • Identify the purpose of an effective allergen control plan
  • Identify strategies chefs and other kitchen staff can use to prevent customer exposure to known allergens
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