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When starting a project, there are many things to consider. One key area is risk. You need to prepare ahead of time for all the things that could go wrong…or go right! Another key area is quality. How are you going to ensure that your product or service meets stakeholders' expectations? And then there's figuring out whether to do all the work in-house or outsource it to a third party. And how do you choose the vendors who will partner with you to minimize risk and maximize quality? This course will help you sort out all these considerations by explaining common methods and best practices related to managing risk, quality, and procurement.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the correct actions to take when planning for project risks
  • Describe common responses when risk events occur on a project
  • Recognize the principles of quality assurance
  • Identify methods for implementing quality control on a project
  • Describe how to conduct a make-or-buy analysis
  • Describe how to choose a vendor using multi-criteria analysis
  • Recognize methods for managing risk, quality, and procurement on a project
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