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In an ideal world, your HR department's tasks are defined and aligned with the goals of the organization. HR has a seat at the executive table, helping to set and implement strategy throughout the organization, and all the day-to-day administrative HR activities efficiently support the organizational strategy. This is transformational HR.In this course, you'll learn about the difference between traditional transactional HR and transformational HR and the importance of involving HR in organizational strategy. The course also describes how to make your HR function more transformational and how to educate management on the importance of a strategic partnership with HR.

Learning Objectives
  • Define transformational HR
  • Recognize ways in which transactional HR duties can be made transformational
  • Identify tactics for a transactional HR department to become transformational
  • Describe HR's role in defining and implementing organizational strategy
  • Recognize examples of ways to streamline transactional HR
  • Recognize the arguments that could help secure management buy-in for transformational HR
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