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To be an effective manager, you need to develop many different skills. Among them are the abilities to treat employees fairly and show them care and appreciation. This course focuses on what fairness means in the relationship between managers and their employees and discusses areas where showing fairness is most essential. It also provides techniques that you can use in order to demonstrate fairness while managing your direct reports. This course also describes what it means to be a caring manager and ways you can show that you have these characteristics.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify actions and behaviors that can affect your fairness as a manager when dealing with people
  • Recognize best practices for handling information and applying standards fairly as a manager
  • Select the methods of communicating openly to show fairness as a manager
  • Identify ways to show fairness through respect and neutral decision making as a manager
  • Recognize ways to show caring through listening and sharing as a manager
  • Recall techniques to show you care as a manager through knowing employees and showing concern
  • Recognize methods of treating employees fairly and with care as a manager
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