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No doubt you've had to use abbreviations, capital letters, and numbers in your business writing. But are you using them correctly? This course presents the basic rules related to capital letters, abbreviations, and numbers. It covers abbreviations of titles, names, locations, and countries, as well as how to capitalize direct quotes, titles, names of organizations, and product names, among other elements. In addition, you will be introduced to the forms and uses of numbers with dates and time, money, fractions, and symbols.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the correct application of basic rules for abbreviating words
  • Identify correct abbreviations of given words
  • Recognize the correct application of basic rules for capitalizing words
  • Identify appropriate capitalization for headings, lists, and colons
  • Recognize how to capitalize places and events correctly
  • Recognize the correct application of basic rules for using numbers
  • Identify the correct use of numbers in given examples
  • Use abbreviation, capitalization, and number rules in written communications
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