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Being a competent public speaker allows you to showcase your work and communicate effectively. You won't convey your message – despite spending hours honing it – if you fail to engage your audience, handle audience challenges that arise, and tackle nerves and anxiety. This course explores methods for delivering an effective speech, such as making a good first impression and building rapport with your audience. It discusses techniques for handling challenges during a speech, such as reviving an audience's focus and handling difficult questions or hecklers. Finally, the course introduces strategies to overcome public speaking anxiety.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the basic rules of good speech delivery
  • Identify techniques for regaining an audience's attention
  • Recognize how to deal with uncooperative audiences
  • Identify techniques to deal with difficult questions
  • Recognize techniques for dealing with heckling
  • Recognize typical behaviors associated with public-speaking anxiety
  • Identify ways of overcoming public-speaking anxiety
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