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Maximize the Benefits of Conducting and Minimize the Risks When Defending Depositions

Are you getting the most out of depositions? Do you know how to effectively roll with punches when defending a deposition? Look forward to your next deposition with time-tested offensive and defensive strategies from seasoned litigators - register today!

  • Set the stage for a successful outcome - get deposition planning pointers you may not have thought of.
  • Uncover artful questioning styles and techniques to elicit the testimony you need.
  • Stay on top - learn how to deftly handle hostile witnesses and "Rambo" lawyers in depositions.
  • Limit damage to your client's case - prepare deponents for the cleverest of opposing counsel and effectively make objections.

All times are shown in Eastern time

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM, Somers S. Price Jr.

  1. Planning, Preparation and Purpose: Creative Pointers
    1. Where Most Depositions go Wrong
    2. Developing a Strong Theme and Staging the Deposition
    3. Thoroughly Investigating the Deponent
    4. Deposition Outline Pointers
    5. Controlling the Environment
  2. Questioning Techniques of Seasoned Litigators
    1. Objectives and Style of Questioning
    2. Form of Questions and Answer
    3. Order
    4. Fertile Ground for Useful Admissions
    5. Preserving Your Strongest Questions
    6. Questioning Strategies for Different Personality Dynamics
    7. Successfully Handling Objections
    8. Top Questioning Mistakes Attorneys Make

11:45 AM - 1:15 PM, Scott R. Thomas

  1. Masterfully Handling Difficult Deponents and Attorneys
    1. Forgetful, Confused or Evasive Witnesses
    2. Uncooperative Witnesses
    3. Hostile Witnesses
    4. Dealing with Rambo Tactics (Defending vs. Examining Attorney)
  2. Leveraging Objections and Other Tactics for Defending Depositions
    1. Examining Attorney Tricks/Traps and Strategies to Evade Them
    2. Preparing Deponents for Experienced Opposing Counsel
    3. Leveraging Privileges and Deposition Objections
    4. Intervention: Opportunities, Timing and Pointers

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