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Owner, Contractor, Designer and Surety Perspectives

With the recent boom in construction comes the many legal issues that are connected with this thorny area of law. Construction bonds are one of the critical areas that are notorious for sparking disputes and causing confusion among designers, contractors, owners and attorneys. Knowing how to apply the federal and state laws, thoroughly understanding surety relationships, being able to methodically investigate the issues at hand and analyzing coverage are critical skills needed when assisting your construction clients. Register today!

  • Clearly understand principal, obligee and surety relationships and how they interact.
  • Dig deep into the Miller Act and learn how to effectively apply it.
  • Learn how to negotiate bond claims from the claimant's, principal's and surety's perspectives.
  • Know the key steps you need to take when default occurs.

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2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Patrick Lee-O'Halloran and Jason C. Tarasek

  1. Construction Bond Basics
    1. Bid Bonds
    2. Payment Bonds
    3. Performance Bonds
    4. Other Bonds and Alternatives
    5. Defining Relationships: Principal, Obligee and Surety
    6. Filing Requirements and Procedures
  2. Bonds for Government Projects
    1. Miller Act
    2. "Little" Miller Acts
    3. Who and What is Covered?
    4. Claims Procedures and Notice Requirements
    5. Collection Procedures

3:45 PM - 5:15 PM, Patrick Lee-O'Halloran and Jason C. Tarasek

  1. Bond Claims and Related Disputes
    1. Different Perspectives: Claimant, Principal and Surety
    2. Claim Investigations
    3. Negotiation Strategies
    4. Mediation Tactics
    5. Litigation
  2. Bonds and Indemnity Issues
    1. Bonds vs. Insurance
    2. General Agreement of Indemnity
    3. Contractual Indemnity Requirements
    4. When Default Occurs: What to Do

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