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Key Steps for Collecting and Authenticating Text Evidence in Divorce Cases

Text messaging is one of the top methods of communication today. Do you have the knowledge you'll need to locate and obtain key sources of information for your next divorce case? This insightful course will guide you through what you need to know to effectively retrieve crucial text evidence and get that evidence authenticated. Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your skills - register today!

  • Know where to look and how to gather all of the text messages you need in a divorce case.
  • Develop a plan to preserve and protect texts that are an essential part of your case.
  • Review effective ways to get text messages authenticated.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Andrew Wiezorek

  1. Collecting Text Message Evidence: What Information to Look for
    1. What to Look for and Where to Find it: Smartphone/Tablet Discovery
    2. Whose Smartphone/Tablet is Discoverable?
    3. Retrieval Options for Deleted Messages
    4. How to Subpoena Mobile Phone Carriers for Records
    5. How to Retrieve Texts from Messaging Apps
    6. In What Form Can Texts be Admitted into Evidence?
    7. Lessons from Recent Court Rulings
  2. Preservation and Spoliation Considerations
  3. How to Authenticate Text Evidence
    1. Establishing the Chain of Custody
    2. Self-Authentication
    3. Witness or Expert Testimony

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