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Legal Solutions for Everyday Issues

As an HR professional in a production setting, every new day brings a unique set of challenges. No matter if you report to a factory, a construction site, a workshop, or someplace with a similar workforce, you need to have razor-sharp legal knowledge in order to make the right choices for your employer. In this essential overview, our experienced faculty will illuminate the unique obstacles you face, including workplace injuries, performance problems, ADA difficulties and more. You'll take away the information you need to properly handle yourself in the specialized legal situations that constantly come your way. Register today!

  • Put legally sound hiring practices in place to maximize employee retention.
  • Incorporate must-have legal updates into your organization's handbook.
  • Track hours worked, prevent unauthorized overtime and ensure FLSA compliance.
  • Keep on top of OSHA issues that directly affect HR departments.
  • Effectively handle workers' compensation claims and interactions with insurance carriers.
  • Untangle thorny ADA issues, including reasonable accommodations and FMLA coordination.
  • Mitigate the repercussions of harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims.
  • Ensure documentation serves as a legal shield when disciplining problem employees.
  • Toe the legal line when dealing with labor unions.

  1. Employee Handbook Essential Updates
    9:00 - 9:30, Bridget A. Blinn-Spears and Matthew D. Duncan
  2. Hiring and Retaining Qualified Individuals: Legal Do's and Don'ts
    9:30 - 10:15, Frank J. Albetta
    1. Job Descriptions and Advertisements
    2. Interview Best Practices
    3. I-9 Compliance and Immigration Issues
    4. Background Checks and Drug Testing
    5. Using Temporary Employees
    6. Maximizing Retention: Legal Strategies
  3. Wage and Hour Compliance for Production-Oriented Employers
    10:30 - 11:15, Bridget A. Blinn-Spears and Matthew D. Duncan
    1. FLSA Essentials
    2. Tracking Hours Worked
    3. Overtime Issues: Unauthorized, Mandatory, etc.
    4. Preventing Off the Clock Work
    5. Meal and Rest Break Issues
    6. Donning and Doffing of Protective Gear
  4. OSHA Concerns and HR: Maximizing Legal Protections
    11:15 - 12:00, Thomas H. Davis Jr.
    1. Fulfilling OSHA Reporting Requirements
    2. OSHA Retaliation Rule Compliance
    3. Workplace Violence, Drug Abuse and Other OSHA Issues
    4. Ensuring Incentive Policies Aren't OSHA Violations
    5. Legally Compliant Injury and Illness Reporting Policies - with Examples
  5. Handling Workers' Compensation Claims
    1:00 - 1:45, Michael W. Ballance
    1. What You Need to do When Injuries Occur
    2. Investigating Incidents and Creating Reports
    3. Coordinating with the Insurance Carrier and Injured Employee
    4. Combating Workers' Compensation Fraud
    5. Lawful Policies and Procedures: With Examples
  6. ADA and FMLA: Dealing with Leave, Reasonable Accommodations and More
    1:45 - 2:30, Frank J. Albetta
    1. Coordinating ADA and FMLA Leave
    2. Accommodating ADA Disabilities
    3. Is the Employee's Condition a Direct Threat?
    4. Return-to-Work Issues: Medical Certification and More
    5. Terminating ADA/FMLA Eligible Employees
    6. Avoiding Interference Claims
  7. Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Claim How-To's
    2:45 - 3:30, M. Jackson Nichols
    1. Key Discrimination Laws You Need to Know
    2. Policies and Procedures Your Organization Needs
    3. Handling Complaints and Allegations
    4. Avoiding Retaliation Claims
    5. Harassment Prevention Training Essentials
    6. Ensuring Supervisors Understand and Follow Policies
  8. Discipline and Discharge Essentials
    3:30 - 4:00, Frank J. Albetta
    1. Legally Sound Discipline Policies: With Examples
    2. Creating Legally Defensible Discipline Documentation
    3. Terminating Problem Employees: Documentation and Best Practices
    4. Handling Select Issues: Attendance, Bullying, Impairment and More
  9. Labor Unions and HR
    4:00 - 4:30, Bridget A. Blinn-Spears and Matthew D. Duncan
    1. Complying with the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
    2. Unionization Efforts: Avoiding Prohibited Conduct
    3. Handling HR's Role in the Collective Bargaining Process
    4. Dealing with Employee Discipline and Union Grievances

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