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<p><strong>Take back your time with and become a more productive you.</strong></p>
<p>The truth is that your work will continue to pile up if all you do is check tasks off of your to-do list.</p>
<p>Improve your productivity and efficiency by taking control of the pile of work that is driving you crazy.</p>
<p>Develop you need a goal-driven plan and a step-by step method of helping you meet your deadlines. This instructor-led, online workshop shows you how to examine what needs to be done and determine the best approaches to complete your work in the time you are given make your days more productive.</p>
<p>You&rsquo;ll discover how to protect your work day from interruptions politely yet effectively that derail your ability to get things done. Whether it&rsquo;s your boss or &ldquo;Chatty Cathy&rdquo; co-worker, you&rsquo;ll hear what to say and how to respond to disrupters to send them away without hurt feelings.</p>
<p>Plus you&rsquo;ll get advice on keeping your boss mindful of your goals, which helps you turn away less important requests asked of you during a typical work week.</p>
<p><strong>How You Will Benefit&nbsp;</strong></p>
<li>Learn what questions to ask yourself at the start of each work day to keep you focused and on track</li>
<li>Discover guidelines for breaking your work down into more easily managed tasks and activities</li>
<li>How to use the SMART goal process to decide where you should focus your efforts to meet your objectives</li>
<li>The most practical ways to employ the 80-20 rule to identify which tasks will give you the most payoff in the shortest amount of time</li>
<li>How to identify &ldquo;red flag&rdquo; time wasters and productivity tips for handling them effectively</li>
<li>Tools and tactics for managing the interruptions that kill your work efficiency and specific ways to &ldquo;train&rdquo; your boss and co-workers to leave you alone when you need to get key tasks completed</li>
<li>Advice on overcoming your procrastination behaviors &ndash; ways to get unstuck when you can&rsquo;t get anything done<br />Four steps to tackle dreaded paperwork before it piles up on your desk</li>
<li>Tips for minimizing time-wasting distractions</li>
<li>No-nonsense strategies for taming your email inbox and using connectivity more effectively</li>


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