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Writing with Confidence, Consideration, and Class


Sharpen Your Skills to Convey Credibility and Get Results

Writing is the most enduring expression of your thinking: It expresses what you mean, want, and feel. Muddled prose implies confused thinking; radiant writing signifies confidence.

Attend this engaging, interactive webinar to get deeper insights and practical tips that will embolden your writing style. Using a case study-based approach, you will learn how to write with authority and style.

 What You Will Learn

To help you navigate a world of lightning fast communications primarily focused on email, you will discover powerful techniques to polish your messages. If your audience expects you to write about every imaginable topic, you will learn diverse strategies to meet their needs.

How You Will Benefit

  • Establish immediate credibility with powerful openings and focused closings 
  • Convey awareness of the audience’s concerns through a reader-centered tone
  • Cultivate an articulate style that reinforces the substance without betraying it

What Will Be Covered

Writing with Confidence

  • Using the right mode of communication as the situation dictates 
  • Using powerful openings, closings, and transitions that establish immediate credibility

Writing with Consideration

  • Responding to readers' concerns with expertise and authority
  • Expressing feelings from appreciation to regret appropriately and genuinely

Writing with Finesse

  • Getting to the point without appearing insensitive, arrogant, indecisive, or evasive 
  • Employing standards of grammar and word choice to drive your ideas forward

How Do AMA Webinars Work?

AMA Webinars provide you with a cost-effective and convenient way to boost your know-how. You can participate in the comfort of your office without the need for travel costs and time.

Because the webinar is live, you can ask our expert questions via online chat during the program. In addition, we will be sending you pre-work approximately one day before the program date via email. Please register early to get these materials that will help guide your learning process!

In addition, paid registrants will have a single-user license to access a recorded archive of the program for a full year, allowing you to revisit the material to refresh your memory and reinforce your skills.

Please note that AMA Webinars are designed to provide a one-to-one learning experience for an individual and are not designed to be viewed in a group setting. Program access is available only via the MYAMA account of the registered attendee.

This particular webinar does not offer continuing education credits.

About the Presenters

Philip Vassallo, Ph.D., has designed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs—many of them for AMA—for more than 20,000 executive, managerial, supervisory, administrative, and technical professionals internationally over the past three decades. He is the author of the books How to Write Fast Under PressureThe Art of E-Mail Writing, and The Art of On-the-Job Writing. He has edited major reports for government and corporate clients. He also writes the blog Words on the Line, which offers practical tips for developing writers. Phil holds a doctorate in educational theory and has taught internationally, currently as a faculty member of the Beijing International MBA program.


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