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Practical, Do-it-Yourself Techniques for Examining Financial Information in Divorce

Financial unawareness can be expensive; overlooking income and assets will result in settling for less than your client deserves. Are you prepared to sift through financial documents to ensure an advantageous outcome? Join our experienced faculty as they walk through how to read between the lines to properly analyze necessary documents; catalog and prioritize financial information; and identify potential double-dipping red flags. Hone your financial analysis skills in divorce cases - register today!

  • Discuss what information is essential for proper analysis and valuation in divorce.
  • Learn clever ways to find hidden assets, interest and income.
  • Dig deeper into the analysis to uncover critical information.
  • Explore methods to identify and report double-dipping concerns.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Bill Ditty
  • Documents Necessary for Analysis and Valuation (With Checklist)
  • Savvy Ways to Locate Hidden Assets, Interests and Income (With Real-World Examples)
  • Cataloging and Prioritizing Financial Information
  • The Analysis - How to Look Beyond the Numbers
  • Recognizing and Addressing Double-Dipping Issues

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