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HIPAA Security Rule Requirements You Must Know in Order to Avoid Penalties and Fines

If your firm handles cases and inquiries that involves medical records and privacy information, you are now directly liable for new privacy, security and breach-notification requirements under HIPAA's Security Rule Requirements. Ignoring or misunderstanding these rules can result in large monetary fines and penalties. Make sure you are aware of all the requirements if your firm qualifies under the HIPAA rules by ensuring proper protection of all documents, and applying best practices for risk assessments. Register today!

  • Understand your firm's role under the Protected Health Information rules.
  • Breakdown how being a HIPAA Business Associate can leave your firm open to liability.
  • Stay proactive and up-to-date with your firms' processes and procedures by incorporating risk and audit assessments.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Jeffery P. Drummond

  • When are Attorneys Business Associates? What You Need to Know
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) - What it is and Isn't
  • Critical Business Associate Compliance Essentials for Attorneys
    • Key Procedures and Policies
    • Necessary Staff Training and Supervision
  • Storage of Electronic Medical Records - Tips for Cautious Attorneys
  • Ensuring Proper Protection of Physical Records
  • Handling Data Breaches - Best Practices for Worst-Case Scenarios
  • Conducting HIPAA Risk Assessments and Audits
  • Negotiation Best Practices for Business Associate Agreements

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