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Are You Maximizing Real Estate Tax Benefits and Minimizing Costs?

Are you up to speed on the tax planning consequences of real estate transactions? Don't leave your clients with tax bills that could have been reduced through proper planning. Get a handle on tax planning mechanisms your clients need to maximize tax benefits while minimizing tax costs. You'll take away the real estate tax planning knowledge you need to become an invaluable asset to your clients - register today!

  • Know when selling at a loss will actually lead to increased tax savings.
  • Determine which business entities lead to the greatest real estate tax savings.
  • Strategically use 1031 exchanges and other mechanisms to minimize tax impacts.

Session Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: F. Gerald Burnett

  • Tax Planning Aspects of Real Estate Transactions: A Brief Introduction
  • How to Maximize Tax Benefits and Minimize Tax Costs
  • Gain or Loss: Determining Which is Most Beneficial to Your Client
  • Using Business Entities to Buy/Sell Real Estate: Evaluating Tax Considerations
  • Buildings and Their Components: Determining Depreciation Schedules
  • Using 1031 "Like Kind" Exchanges to Minimize Tax Impacts
  • Foreign Purchasers of American Real Estate: Unique Tax Planning Considerations

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