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Course Overview
This course is designed for Data Stewards or Data Flow Managers who are looking forward to automate the flow of data between systems. Topics Include Introduction to NiFi, Installing and Configuring NiFi, Detail explanation of NiFi User Interface, Explanat

Course Target Audience
Data Engineers, Integration Engineers and Architects who are looking to automate Data flow between systems.

Course Prerequisites
Students should be familiar with programming principles and have previous experience in software development. Experience with Linux and a basic understanding of DataFlow tools would be helpful. No prior Hadoop experience required, but is very helpful.

Course Objectives
Describe HDF, Apache NiFi and its use cases. Describe NiFi Architecture Understand Nifi Features and Characteristics. Understand System requirements to run Nifi. Understand Installing and Configuring NiFi Understand NiFi user interface in depth. Understan

Course Outline
Hands-On Labs Manual Installation of NiFi Building a WorkFLow Working with Processor Groups Working with Remote Processor Groups Using NiFi Expression Language. Understanding and using Templates. Installing and Configuring NiFi Cluster Securing NiFi Monit

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