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Application performance analysis tools are critical to determining the root causes of performance issues. In this course, you will explore the key features and functionality of various Java application performance analysis tools.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Recognize key features of jmap
  • Generate a heap dump using jmap
  • Print a heap summary using jmap
  • Print a histogram using jmap
  • Generate class loader statistics using jmap
  • Recognize limitations and known issues using jmap
  • Recognize key features of jhat for performance analysis
  • Use jhat to browse heap dumps
  • Use key options with jhat
  • Recognize limitations and known issues with jhat
  • Recognize key features of the jstack tool
  • Print a stack trace for a process, core file, or remote debug server
  • Use key options with jstack
  • Recognize limitations and known issues with jstack
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Java Application Performance Analysis Tools Online course
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