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The main purpose of the course is to give students the ability to analyze and present data by using Azure Machine Learning, and to provide an introduction to the use of machine learning with big data tools such as HDInsight and R Services.


Module 1: Introduction to Machine LearningThis module introduces machine learning and discussed how algorithms and languages are used.What is machine learning?Introduction to machine learning algorithmsIntroduction to machine learning languages

Module 2: Introduction to Azure Machine LearningDescribe the purpose of Azure Machine Learning, and list the main features of Azure Machine Learning Studio.Azure machine learning overviewIntroduction to Azure machine learning studioDeveloping and hosting Azure machine learning applications

Module 3: Managing DatasetsAt the end of this module the student will be able to upload and explore various types of data in Azure machine learning.Categorizing your dataImporting data to Azure machine learningExploring and transforming data in Azure machine learning

Module 4: Preparing Data for use with Azure Machine LearningThis module provides techniques to prepare datasets for use with Azure machine learning.Data pre-processingHandling incomplete datasets

Module 5: Using Feature Engineering and SelectionThis module describes how to explore and use feature engineering and selection techniques on datasets that are to be used with Azure machine learning. Using feature engineeringUsing feature selection

Module 6: Building Azure Machine Learning ModelsThis module describes how to use regression algorithms and neural networks with Azure machine learning.Azure machine learning workflowsScoring and evaluating modelsUsing regression algorithmsUsing neural networks

Module 7: Using Classification and Clustering with Azure machine learning modelsThis module describes how to use classification and clustering algorithms with Azure machine learning. Using classification algorithmsClustering techniquesSelecting algorithms

Module 8: Using R and Python with Azure Machine LearningThis module describes how to use R and Python with azure machine learning and choose when to use a particular language.Using RUsing PythonIncorporating R and Python into Machine Learning experiments

Module 9: Initializing and Optimizing Machine Learning ModelsThis module describes how to use hyper-parameters and multiple algorithms and models, and be able to score and evaluate models.Using hyper-parametersUsing multiple algorithms and modelsScoring and evaluating Models

Module 10: Using Azure Machine Learning ModelsThis module explores how to provide end users with Azure machine learning services, and how to share data generated from Azure machine learning models.Deploying and publishing modelsConsuming Experiments

Module 11: Using Cognitive ServicesThis module introduces the cognitive services APIs for text and image processing to create a recommendation application, and describes the use of neural networks with Azure machine learning.Cognitive services overviewProcessing languageProcessing images and videoRecommending products

Module 12: Using Machine Learning with HDInsightThis module describes how use HDInsight with Azure machine learning.Introduction to HDInsightHDInsight cluster typesHDInsight and machine learning models

Module 13: Using R Services with Machine LearningThis module describes how to use R and R server with Azure machine learning, and explain how to deploy and configure SQL Server and support R services. R and R server overviewUsing R server with machine learningUsing R with SQL Server
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