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Organizations are hungry for data-driven insights, and the need to turn large amounts of data into meaningful information has made building effective dashboards and reports more important than ever. As one of the most powerful and commonly used business tools, Excel is an ideal platform for synthesizing complex data into clear and effective reporting. This class provides you with the technical know-how to move from reporting your data with simple tables full of dull numbers to creating meaningful and appealing reporting solutions that will wow an audience. You'll learn to analyze large amounts of data, present the results, add interactive controls, design eye-catching visualizations, and connect to external data sources with this one-of-a-kind Excel guide. Business Intelligence (BI) is what you get when you analyze raw data and turn that information into actionable knowledge, and a report can be described as a document that contains data used for viewing and analysis. A dashboard is a visual interface that provides at-a-glance views relevant to the goal of the dashboard along with predefined conclusions, relieving the reader from having to perform his/her own analysis.


Module 1: Introducing DashboardsEstablish the User RequirementsDashboard Design PrinciplesTips Before Distributing Your Dashboard

Module 2: Table Design Best Practices

Module 3: Using / Customizing Excel Sparklines

Module 4: Chartless Visualization TechniquesConditional Formatting for ReportsUsing Symbols to Enhance ReportingUsing Excel’s Camera Tool

Module 5: Advanced Excel ChartingOverview of Chart Creation/FormattingTrending Dos and Don’tsComparative TrendingEmphasizing Periods of TimeAvoiding Overload with DirectionalSmoothing DataListing Top and Bottom ValuesHistograms for Relationships/FrequencyShowing Performance with Variances

Module 6: Using a Thermometer-Style ChartUsing a Bullet GraphShowing Performance Against TargetAdvanced Dashboarding ConceptsDeveloping Your Data ModelData Model Best PracticesExcel Functions for Your Data ModelAdding Interactive ControlsMacro-Charged Reporting

Module 7: Pivot Table Driven DashboardsCreating a PivotTableCustomizing a PivotTableUsing PivotChartsAdding Interactivity with SlicersUnderstanding the Internal Data ModelCreating a Power View DashboardVisualizing Data in a PowerView Map

Module 8: Working with the Outside WorldIntegrating External Data into ReportingSharing Your Work with Outside WorldSecuring Your Dashboards and ReportsLinking Excel Dashboards to PowerPointDistributing Dashboards via PDFDistributing Dashboards via SkyDriveLimitations when Publishing to the Web
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