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Big Data on AWS introduces you to cloud-based big data solutions and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), the AWS big data platform. In this course, we show you how to use Amazon EMR to process data using the broad ecosystem of Hadoop tools like Pig and Hive. We also teach you how to create big data environments, work with Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Kinesis, and leverage best practices to design big data environments for security and cost-effectiveness.

OutlineDay 1: Overview of Big Data, Apache Hadoop, and the Benefits of Amazon EMRAmazon EMR ArchitectureUsing Amazon EMRLaunching and Using an Amazon EMR ClusterHadoop Programming FrameworksDay 2: Using Hive for Advertising AnalyticsUsing Streaming for Life Sciences AnalyticsOverview: Spark and Shark for In-Memory AnalyticsUsing Spark and Shark for In-Memory AnalyticsManaging Amazon EMR CostsOverview of Amazon EMR SecurityData Ingestion, Transfer, and CompressionUsing Amazon Kinesis for Real-Time Big Data ProcessingDay 3: Using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon EMR to Stream and Process Big DataAWS Data Storage OptionsUsing DynamoDB with Amazon EMROverview: Amazon Redshift and Big DataUsing Amazon Redshift for Big DataVisualizing and Orchestrating Big DataUsing Tableau Desktop or Jaspersoft BI to Visualize Big Data
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Virtual Live4/11/2018 8:30:00 AM<span class="course-type type-v" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'VILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">V</span>3 days1785.001855572
KS Wichita4/11/2018 8:30:00 AM<span class="course-type type-c" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'ILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">C</span>3 days1785.001855127
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