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This course covers the fundamentals of the OpenStack open source IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution, used for creating private clouds. After a short cloud and OpenStack primer students will learn the the architecture of OpenStack. This course introduces base components in detail such as the Horizon GUI dashboard and the OpenStack CLI. Other components learned are the Keystone identity system, the Nova compute service, the Neutron network service and software defined networking, the Glance image service, the Cinder block storage service, the Ceilometer metering solution, the Heat orchestration services, and the Swift object store.


Module 1: IntroductionOverviewCore ProjectsCore Project - NovaCore Project - NeutronCore Project - Glance, CinderCore Project - CeilometerCore Project - HeatCore Project - SwiftOpenStack ArchitectureVirtual Machine Provisioning Walk Through

Module 2: Controller NodeOverview Horizon and OpenStackKeystone ArchitectureKeystone User ManagementKeystone CLI overviewService API + KeystoneOpenStack Messaging and QueuesMessage Queue ConfigurationImage Management (Glance)Glance CLI OverviewCreation of custom imagesOpenStack Storage (Cinder)Cinder CLI OverviewManaging volumes

Module 3: Compute Node Linux virtualization basicsHypervisors, KVM, Linux bridgesVM PlacementVM provisioning in-depthInstance managementNova CLI overviewBoot/Terminate InstanceAttach volume to instance

Module 4: Network Node Networking in OpenStackOpenStack Networking ConceptsNova-network vs. NeutronNeutron architecture and pluginsOpenVSwitch conceptsNeutron agentsNetwork managementNeutron CLI overviewManage networksManage subnetsManager routersManage portsManage floating IPs

Module 5: CeilometerCeilometer background and use casesCeilometer architectureCeilometer meters and pipelinesCeilometer deployment

Module 6: HeatHeat OverviewArchitectureAWS CloudFormation template formatHeat servicesheat-apiheat-cfn-apiheat-engineConfiguring HeatConfiguring images for use with HeatCreating a stack

Module 7: Object Storage Service - SwiftSwift OverviewSwift ArchitectureAccounts, containers, objects, and ringsNodes types : auth, proxy, storagePartitions, zones, replicationUsing SwiftAccountsCreating and managing objectsObject server managementContainer server managementAccount server managementProxy server managementRing managementLarge objects
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