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The focus of this three-day instructor-led Microsoft Training course is on designing and implementing cloud data platform solutions with the Microsoft Data Platform by using SQL Server on-premises, hybrid and cloud data platform solutions. It describes how to design and implement and optimize workloads in hybrid scenarios with both on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions, and how to implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions.


Module 1: Microsoft Cloud Data Platform OverviewThis module provides an overview of the Microsoft Data Platform Solutions in Hybrid and Cloud based scenarios. The module provides an overview of offerings and capabilities. Microsoft Cloud Data PlatformMicrosoft SQL ServerCommon ToolsCloud Data OfferingsData VisualizationsCortana Analytics Suite

Module 2: Implement SQL Server on Azure VMThis module with a hands-on-lab describes the core capabilities of running SQL Server in a virtual machine environment (IAAS) on Azure. Virtual machine componentsStorage ArchitectureAzure deployment modelsVirtual machine tiersVirtual machine deploymentsDeployment scenariosMove existing workloadsConnecting to Azure VMsDomain joining VMsVM best practices

Module 3: Implement SQL Database This module with a hands-on-lab describes the core capabilities of implementing data platform solutions using SQL Database on Azure. The module provides details in service tiers and offerings. What is SQL DatabaseData tiers/ Elastic data tiersScalability OptionsElastic DatabasesElastic Database ToolsSQL Database performanceService Tier Advisor

Module 4: SQL Database High Availability and disaster recoveryThis module with a hands-on lab describes high availability and disaster recovery scenarios with SQL Database. Business Continuity with SQL DatabaseSQL Database HA/DRSQL Database Backup SolutionsSQL Database Replication Scenarios

Module 5: Hybrid HA/DR scenarios with SQL ServerThis module with a hands-on lab exercise describes the design of high available, scalable data platform solutions on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid cloud scenarios using SQL Server on premises and with Azure VMs. HA/DR deployment architecturesAlwaysOn availability groupsAlwaysOn Failover ClusteringDatabase MirroringLog ShippingBackup to AzureManaged BackupsSQL Server data files on Azure

Module 6: Design and Implement SecurityThis module with a hands-on-lab describes the security features and capabilities in SQL Server in Azure VMs and SQL Database including firewalls and auditing. SQL Database Security ApproachSQL Database Firewall SecuritySQL Database Active Directory IntegrationEncryptionRow Level SecurityDynamic Data MaskingAuditing and Threat Detection

Module 7: Monitor and manage implementations on AzureThis module with a hands-on-lab focuses on management and deployment, monitoring for performance of SQL Database and SQL Server in Azure VMs. Azure Automation CapabilitiesSQL Monitoring and ManagementOperational Insights

Module 8: Design and implement database solutions for SQL Server and SQL DatabaseThis module covers design and architecture scenarios for implementation of database solutions using the Microsoft Cloud Data Platform. This module introduces key scenarios to discuss with classroom attendees in order to build out the right architecture and infrastructure based on architecture and business requirements. Case Study – SQL Server Hybrid ScenarioCase Study – Lift and Shift
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