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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Getting Started with Windows 7 $74.95
Setting up and Securing Windows 7 $74.95
Customizing Windows 7 $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

Getting Started with Windows 7

The latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 7, is efficient, fast, and available in a variety of editions to suit different business and personal computer needs. This course introduces the main features of Windows 7 and provides an overview of the desktop, including the taskbar and the Start menu. It also demonstrates how to manage files and folders using Windows Explorer and how to use Windows Search to locate files and folders on your computer.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to log on to Windows 7
  • Identify the benefits of Windows 7
  • Recognize the main features of the Windows 7 desktop
  • Recognize how you can use desktop features to manage open windows
  • Access programs and files via the Start menu and the taskbar
  • Identify the features of the Windows 7 Start menu and taskbar
  • Identify features of jump lists
  • Compare two files side by side
  • Access a program
  • Use a jump list to open a file
  • Preview and activate an open window using Aero Peek
  • Navigate to files and folders using Windows Explorer
  • Identify the different parts of the Windows Explorer window
  • Work with folders and files in Windows Explorer
  • Search for files or folders using the Windows Explorer search box
  • Create a new folder with a specified name in a given location
  • Move a file to a new location
  • Delete and restore a file
  • Find a document using the search box in Windows Explorer

Setting up and Securing Windows 7

Windows 7 provides tools that enable users to easily manage and maintain the operating system, programs, printers, and system and personal files. This course demonstrates how to use the Control Panel to install and manage programs and printers, and it shows the role User Account Control plays in security. This course also demonstrates how to use Backup and Restore, system protection, power plans, and the Action Center to ensure the computer is properly maintained.

Learning Objectives
  • Install and remove programs
  • Identify the settings accessible through the Control Panel
  • Install and remove printers
  • Manage printing in Windows 7
  • Identify the options available when printing
  • Install a program
  • Remove a program
  • Install a local printer
  • Print a document
  • Use the Action Center to solve and troubleshoot problems
  • Change the power plan settings
  • Recognize the words and phrases that follow the guidelines for strong passwords
  • Recognize the security impact for User Account Control settings
  • Back up and restore data
  • Create a restore point and perform a system restore
  • Use the Action Center to solve a problem
  • Backup data to a disc
  • Restore data from a backup
  • Perform a system restore

Customizing Windows 7

Windows 7, Microsoft's newest operating system, enables users to customize their Windows experience by modifying and adjusting many of the features that Windows 7 provides. Using Windows 7, you can change the programs that appear on the Start menu and taskbar, and how they appear, which ensures quicker access to features and programs you use most. Windows 7 also provides different desktop themes and gadgets to personalize and enhance the Windows 7 interface. This course introduces customization in Windows 7 and provides detailed instructions that enables you to customize the desktop, Start menu and taskbar. So instead of working with the generic Windows 7 interface, you can work in a customized way that improves your productivity and user experience.

Learning Objectives
  • Personalize the desktop
  • Personalize your desktop with Windows 7 gadgets
  • Customize the Start menu
  • Customize the taskbar
  • Customize the desktop
  • Add a gadget to the desktop
  • Customize the Start menu
  • Customize the taskbar
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