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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Getting Started with Windows Vista $74.95
Work with Files, Programs, and Printing in Windows Vista $74.95
Navigating the Web and System Maintenance with Windows Vista $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

Getting Started with Windows Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's much anticipated, latest release in the desktop operating system market. Vista includes many new features, most notably an updated graphical user interface, and numerous user-friendly features such as Windows Gadgets. This course discusses the hardware requirements necessary to implement Windows Vista, as well as demonstrating how to work with the Start menu, desktop, and Control Panel.

Learning Objectives
  • Distinguish between the different editions of Windows Vista
  • Recognize the main requirements for installing Windows Vista
  • Log on to Vista
  • Log on to Vista to change security settings
  • Access basic computer information from the Welcome Center
  • Use the Start menu
  • Access and use the Search box
  • Customize the Start menu
  • Customize Windows Vista
  • Use the taskbar
  • Open a program from the Start menu
  • Customize the desktop

Work with Files, Programs, and Printing in Windows Vista

Windows Vista introduces some of the most significant changes to Windows Explorer, and file management in general, since the release of Windows 95. Windows Explorer has a new layout, featuring a Details pane that allows you to view extended properties and metadata of files. The Details pane also include a thumbnail of files that are a visual representation of the actual file. Locating files is also improved upon with the new instant search feature that is integrated into all explorer windows. This course demonstrates the necessary skills to manage files with Windows Explorer, create and save files to removable media, working with Windows programs, as well as printing in Windows Vista.

Learning Objectives
  • Use Windows Explorer
  • Recognize how to move or copy folders
  • Move files, resolve file transfer conflicts, and burn files to disc
  • Add properties to files
  • Distinguish between the search methods and use the most appropriate one to search for a file
  • Copy multiple files
  • Add tags to a file
  • Find a file according to its tag
  • Change the default program and perform basic tasks using programs
  • Launch a program
  • Change the default program for a task
  • Uninstall a program
  • Prepare to print
  • Print a file
  • Add a printer and set print options
  • Print a file

Navigating the Web and System Maintenance with Windows Vista

Windows Vista ships with numerous new and improved management tools that allow the average user to easily secure and maintain their computer. Windows Vista also ships with Internet Explorer 7, which includes new features for browsing the Web, and protecting users from malicious web sites. This course discusses backup and restore features, including both file backups and complete system recovery options, as well as Windows Defender and Windows Firewall security features. Navigating the Web with Internet Explorer 7, subscribing to RSS feeds, and Internet Explorer security mechanisms are also discussed.

Learning Objectives
  • Access a web page
  • Use Internet Explorer
  • Specify security settings
  • Navigate and personalize Internet Explorer
  • Set the security zone for a site
  • Recognize the backup and restore options and back up or restore files
  • Back up a PC
  • Use Windows Security Center to protect your computer
  • scan for unwanted software
  • Update your computer
  • Use Vista's tools for optimizing disk performance
  • Back up a file
  • perform a scan and optimize performance
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