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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Navigating SAP R/3 Release 4.6 $74.95
Using SAP R/3 Release 4.6 $74.95

Bundle Price: $99.00
Total Savings: $50.90

Navigating SAP R/3 Release 4.6

To enable the student to log on to SAP R/3 Release 4.6, manipulate the user interface, navigate the system, and create and configure a favorites list

Learning Objectives
  • Logging on - log on to SAP R/3, customize the logon menu, and change a password.
  • Logging on as an end-user - log on to SAP R/3 as an end-user and change a password.
  • The user interface - identify the components of the SAP user interface and explain their functions.
  • Customizing your display options - explain how to change the appearance of various elements of the SAP interface.
  • Easy Access menus - describe how to use the SAP Easy Access screen to navigate to and run SAP transactions.
  • Creating shortcuts - create a shortcut from the desktop and from an open screen.
  • Working with multiple sessions - describe how to open, navigate between, and close multiple sessions in SAP R/3 Release 4.6.
  • Working with favorites - describe the function of the Favorites folder and move, rename, and delete items in the folder.

Using SAP R/3 Release 4.6

To enable the student to work with tasks and to describe some of the updated screens in Release 4.6

Learning Objectives
  • Accessing tasks - use the User and SAP menus to find transactions.
  • Typical task steps - manipulate fields and input, change, and save data.
  • Displaying possible entries - describe how to locate object codes using the search and help features in the SAP R/3 system.
  • Creating a purchase order - create a purchase order using Release 4.6.
  • Printing - print a variety of documents in SAP R/3 Release 4.6 and select their output settings.
  • Materials Management - explain the new Release 4.6 interface features and the changes in the Materials Management module.
  • Sales and Distribution - describe the new interface changes associated with sales orders and customer master records.
  • Service Management - discuss the fundamental changes that have occurred in the Service Management module in the move to the new Release 4.6 graphical user interface.
  • Finance - explain how to display vendor master records, enter a vendor invoice, and display vendor line details.
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