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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Introduction to UNIX $74.95
UNIX System Architecture $74.95

Bundle Price: $99.00
Total Savings: $50.90

Introduction to UNIX

To introduce the UNIX operating system

Learning Objectives
  • UNIX past and present - discuss the history of UNIX and its continuing significance as a technology.
  • UNIX standards and portability - explain the importance of standards in achieiving software portability and describe standards relevant to UNIX.
  • Choosing UNIX - compare the current UNIX variants.
  • Implementing UNIX - describe the various uses of UNIX and how UNIX systems are implemented.
  • UNIX user interfaces - describe the various UNIX user interfaces.
  • Accessing a UNIX system - log into and out of a UNIX shell and use a command-line interface.

UNIX System Architecture

To describe the core components of a UNIX system

Learning Objectives
  • Operating system concepts - describe the role of the operating system in providing a productive environment for computer users.
  • UNIX operating system structure - describe the layered architecture of the UNIX operating system.
  • Managing processes and data - describe the kernel process and explain how data is accessed, displayed, and stored.
  • UNIX system calls - list the key system calls made available by a POSIX compliant kernel.
  • UNIX files and directories - describe the different types of files used in UNIX systems.
  • UNIX filesystem formats - describe the filesystems used by UNIX systems.
  • UNIX filesystem conventions - provide an overview of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).
  • Managing UNIX permissions - locate files within filesystems based on their functions and permissions.
  • Introducing the UNIX shell - describe the function of a UNIX shell.
  • Common UNIX shells - provide an overview of the shell environments available on UNIX systems.
  • UNIX shell features - provide an overview of the core features of a UNIX shell environment.
  • Using the UNIX shell - use standard input and output, and pipe commands.
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