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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
UNIX Shell Scripting Tools $74.95
UNIX Shell Scripting Basics $74.95
Writing UNIX Shell Programs $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

UNIX Shell Scripting Tools

To explain how to use variables, operators, and text editing tools in UNIX shell scripts

Learning Objectives
  • Working with UNIX variables - use variables in UNIX programming.
  • UNIX shell script variables - describe and use script variables and parameters.
  • Variable expansion and arrays in UNIX shell scripts - explain variable expansion and use array variables.
  • UNIX arithmetic operators and precedence - use arithmetic operators in shell scripts.
  • Using calculations in a UNIX script - use variables and arithmetic in a shell script.
  • UNIX text tools - provide an overview of the role of tools such as sed, awk, and perl in shell programming.
  • UNIX editing with sed - explain how to use the sed line editor.
  • Creating a configuration script - use sed in a UNIX shell script to edit a file.
  • Programming with awk for UNIX - explain how to use awk.

UNIX Shell Scripting Basics

To explain how to create simple shell scripts using UNIX shell commands

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding UNIX shell scripts - explain what a shell script is.
  • Choosing a UNIX shell - distinguish between the major shell environments and select a shell based on its characteristics.
  • Creating an executable file in UNIX - create and run a simple shell program.
  • Writing a UNIX shell program - write a simple shell script.
  • UNIX command execution - manage the execution of UNIX shell commands.
  • Redirection in UNIX - redirect standard input and output and use file descriptors.
  • Substitution and patterns in UNIX - use substitution and quoting to expand and match files and commands.
  • UNIX command syntax reference - describe the syntax used to execute shell commands.
  • Using UNIX commands in a script - write a shell script that uses the shell's command execution and substitution capabilities.

Writing UNIX Shell Programs

To describe how to use flow control, incorporate user input in UNIX shell programs, and debug shell programs

Learning Objectives
  • UNIX shell programming principles - explain the principles of logical flow in a shell program
  • Testing conditions in the UNIX shell - use conditional expressions to provide flow control in shell programs.
  • Using UNIX shell control structures - use flow control commands in shell programs.
  • Using flow control in a UNIX shell program - use conditional expressions and flow control in a shell program.
  • Using functions in UNIX shell programs - use functions to improve the efficiency of program code.
  • Using I/O in UNIX shell programs - use the UNIX I/O system in shell programs.
  • Using menus in UNIX shell programs - create user menus with the select command and use them in shell programs.
  • Writing a UNIX shell program using I/O commands - write an interactive program that makes use of standard input and output.
  • Writing legible UNIX shell scripts - use variables, comments and white space to produce human-readable code.
  • Debugging and error-handling UNIX shell scripts - explain how to debug shell scripts.
  • Debugging a UNIX shell program - debug a shell program.
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