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This course provides a deep introduction to the Cloud Native technologies and theirs business benefits. It covers the three Cloud Native layers (Application, Platform, Infrastructure), as well as Microservices development and deployment processes.

Manager, Operator, Developer, IT Professionals, any individual looking for a solid introduction to Cloud Native Architecture and Development.

Attendees who successfully complete this course will be able to define Cloud Native and its structure, Differentiate between Container and Application platform, Select the right product & technology for the business, Understand the DevOps benefits & new processes, Improve and accelerate the application development pipeline, Explain the different patterns used in developing cloud native applications, Differentiate between monolithic and microservices design, Develop and deploy microservices.


DevOps - Cloud Native

  • o DevOps: Time to work together
  • o New Teams (small teams)
  • o New Roles
  • o New Processes

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