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Don't Let Your Wealth Planning Practices Harm Your Client

Medicaid eligibility and estate recovery rules are complicated, and it's not always clear what impact planning techniques may have on a client's benefits and interests in the long run. In this legal program, our knowledgeable faculty will teach you how various trusts and other planning tools impact Medicaid eligibility and estate recovery so you can confidently safeguard your client's assets without fear of accidentally disqualifying them for Medicaid or putting their assets at risk of recovery. Register today!

  • Know the eligibility requirements for Medicaid - and which services and assets are subject to estate recovery.
  • Learn how you can capitalize on the benefits of revocable trusts - and other trusts - without interfering with your client's Medicaid eligibility.
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of gifting, life insurance and other alternatives to trusts in wealth planning.

Session Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Ellen B. LaPlante

  1. Who is Eligible for Medicaid?
  2. Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trust Considerations
    1. Countable Assets and Medicaid Eligibility
    2. Single Clients vs. Married Couples
    3. Life Expectancy of Client
    4. Tax Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. How Revocable Trusts Can Interfere with Medicaid Eligibility
    1. Revocable Trusts and Pre-Need Asset Planning
      1. Funding Trusts with Exempt Assets
      2. Additional Planning Techniques
    2. Disqualifying Transfers/Divestment Penalties
  4. Benefits and Pitfalls of Gifting, Life Insurance and Other Solutions
  5. Income-Only Trusts in Medicaid Planning
  6. Special Needs Trusts
  7. Medicaid Estate Recovery Summary and Trust Recoverability
    1. What Services and Assets are Subject to Recovery?
    2. Recoverability of Revocable Trusts

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