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Master Adverse Possession Basics!

This concise yet comprehensive overview of adverse possession fundamentals will get you up to speed on the building blocks of the law. The requirements can be vague, so our experienced faculty will walk you through timing components, what phrases like "open and notorious" actually mean, and other essentials you need to know. You'll take away the knowledge you need to confidently handle these confusing cases - register today!

  • Develop a baseline knowledge of what adverse possession is and how it works.
  • Clarify confusing adverse possession concepts such as "open and notorious use" and "hostile use".
  • Master essential timing requirements, concepts such as "tacking" and more.

Session Times: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: James S. Ettelson

  1. Adverse Possession Defined: Developing a Baseline Knowledge
  2. Time Requirements for Adverse Possession
    1. Period of Time - Private vs. Public Entity
    2. Tacking - How it Works
    3. Extending the Statute of Limitations
  3. Required Qualities of Possession
    1. Open and Notorious - Standards for Visibility
    2. Actual - Does the Use Fit the Property?
    3. Continuous, Uninterrupted Use - Even Seasonal Use?
    4. Exclusive Use - Is the Claimant the Sole User?
    5. Hostile, Adverse Use - Did the Landowner Consent?
  4. Relevant Case Law and Legal Updates

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