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Essential Claimant Strategies for Contested Workers' Comp Claims

When employers and insurers dispute workers' compensation claims, you need a playbook chocked full of strategies to fall back on. Is yours as full as it could be? In this concise yet comprehensive overview, our experienced faculty will share the secret strategies that get their clients the results they need. From hard-to-verify conditions to denials due to pre-existing conditions, you'll get tactics you need to confidently overcome the thorniest situations your clients face. Register today!

  • Confidently cast doubt on employer claims that injuries occurred outside the scope of employment.
  • Show that recovery hasn't happened when employers insist workers return before they're ready.
  • Handle situations where compensation amounts needed for recovery are in dispute.

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presented by George L. Townsend
  • Claims That Injuries Aren't Serious Enough: Strategies of Top Attorneys
  • Allegations That Injuries are Outside the Scope of Employment: Methods to Cast Doubt
  • Denials Due to Pre-Existing Injuries: Tips to Show They Can't be True
  • Return to Work Issues: Strategically Proving Full Recovery Hasn't Happened Yet
  • Tactics for Disputed Maximum Medical Improvement Diagnoses
  • Countering Claim Investigators Who Say They Have "Dirt" on Your Client
  • The "Malingering" Worker: Methods to Show Employer Accusations are False
  • Hard-to-Verify Medical Conditions: Top Strategies
  • Disputed Compensation Amounts: Essential Techniques

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