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Get Up to Date on LLC Changes and Avoid Costly Missteps

Are you ready? Are your clients ready? Existing operating agreements will need to be updated and new operating agreements will need to comply. The new rules and regs affects numerous major provisions in the LLC operating agreement such as fiduciary duties, new default provisions, distributions and indemnification. Join us as our expert faculty brings you up to speed on the latest developments and teaches best practices for drafting and reviewing operating agreements. Register today!

Explore managers' and members' rights and authority.

Determine which fiduciary duties should be modified to fit the needs of clients.

Understand the new rights of judgment creditors and how they can foreclose on an interest.

Session Time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time
Presenter: Gregory H. Taggart

  1. State LLC Law Update: Revisions You Need to Know
  2. Managers and Members: Changes to Rights, Roles and Authority
  3. Substantial Changes to Definitions and Requirements
  4. Operating Agreements: How the Scope, Function and Limitations Have Changed
  5. LLC Formation and Operating Procedures/Requirements: Changes Attorneys Need to Know
  6. Reshaping of Fiduciary Duties

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