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Handle Legal Liabilities Regarding Love in the Workplace

When Cupid's arrow strikes in the workplace, it all too often causes a painful lawsuit for employers. Are you prepared for the legal fallout that often comes from bad office romances? Attend this overview of essential policies employers need, and ensure workplace relationships don't cause harassment claims or other lawsuits. You'll also get the vital information you need to deal with romances that arise despite policies to the contrary - register today!

  • Effectively respond to situations where workplace romances cross legal boundaries.
  • Craft workplace romance policies that protect employers from potentially devastating lawsuits.
  • Use "love contracts" to protect employers from the legal fallout of love gone sour.

Session times: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Jeremy A. Stephenson

  • Lawsuits Born From Office Romances: Harassment and More
  • Forbidden Love: What to do When Employees Break Company Policies
  • Dangerous Liaisons: Risks of Supervisor/Employee Relationships
  • What to do When Romantic Attention is Unwanted
  • Creating "Love Contracts" That Protect Employers
  • Workplace Romance Policies: What They Must Contain
  • Other Methods to Insulate Employers From Love Gone Sour

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