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Your Content Delivered Your Way's eLearning development experts provide unparalleled end-to-end design and development solutions with vast experience in delivering innovative learning solutions for companies like yours.

Our Process - Development Methodology

We believe in taking an agile approach, with a willingness to prototype and get your feedback throughout the process. Consider us an extension of your learning & development team as we are here to help guide and consult.

Our training experts and design team, combined with a culture of innovation, grant you unparalleled access to effective, high-quality custom training material.

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Custom eLearning Development & Modernization

As organizations train employees on their unique products and processes, they increasingly rely on customized eLearning with their goals tightly aligned to business outcomes.

Our solutions are learner-centric and built using a wide range of instructional approaches like micro-learning, gamification, interactive videos, and more.


In the current modern-day workplace, the learner is always trying to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands and technology disruptions happening around them.

Attention spans have reduced, distractions are imminent, and workers are overwhelmed easily. Our micro-learning solutions are designed to address these situations.

These courses are made available in bite-sized nuggets with specific learning objectives, which in turn are easy to consume, retain, and measure.

Microlearning services include: videos, animations, nudge-learning, infographics, chunking large courses into smaller modules, bite-sized nuggets.

Video Development

Animated videos are a good option when you want to create an engaging and effective experience for the learners. Animated videos can help in explaining concepts, storytelling scenarios, demonstrating ideas, complex processes or machinery, and gives the learner an opportunity to watch before they take part in an activity.

  • Explainer Videos Short animated scenarios on different topics and issues.
  • Product Training Videos Demonstrate how a product works, down to the minute detail.
  • Sales Training Videos Train your sales team on the right strategies to influence customers.
  • Process Training Videos Explain to learners why things should be done in a certain way.

Gamified Learning

Gamified Learning has emerged as one of the most engaging and effective techniques to engage learners. We develop immersive learning experiences using gamified learning for varied training needs like process training, product training, onboarding and compliance training.

Our Gamified Learning sticks better with the learners as they are motivating, competitive, challenging and rewarding. Our customers have experienced high levels of engagement among their learners which has resulted in better recall, retention and a fun learning experience.

ILT to eLearning

Enterprises are witnessing the digital transformation. The way learning and training content is delivered is changing rapidly. With the expansion of the global workforce and multi-location operations, it is often logistically challenging to get all your learning audiences into a single room to facilitate your ILT sessions.

We help you transform your existing ILT material into seamless, interactive and engaging eLearning modules which can be accessed seamlessly across devices and browsers at the moment of need.

Webinar to eLearning

A webinar is an effective tool to train your distributed workforce, though it can be difficult to retain all the information in the moment and learners often need a mechanism to refresh their knowledge.

To help boost retention, we help our customers in developing refresher courses based on topics covered in the webinar. The solution includes:

  • Covering the key concepts using interactive activities and conceptual animations.
  • Adding knowledge checks and quizzing to check knowledge retention.
  • Using voiceover and video snippets from the webinar for better association.

As with any eLearning course, these can be used as a refresher or a reinforcement tool .

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

The eLearning community is grappling with the challenge of repurposing large volumes of traditional eLearning content into newer formats. Several significant environmental factors are driving this change: Flash slated for sunset by 2020, evolution of the learning ecosystem, inclusion of the millennial generation in the workforce, explosion of mobile devices, and enforcement of new regulations that demand support for accessibility and standards-compliance.

We bring to you relevant experience to navigate this change. Our proven development methodology helps you migrate your Flash based legacy courses into future-ready formats rapidly and cost effectively. Our Flash to HTML5 migration approach is specifically tailored to meet your business’s specific needs, for maximum return on investment.