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"Spanish for Construction" is a self-paced, online Spanish course designed for construction workers, contractors, foremen, and anybody who works with Spanish-speaking employees and co-workers in the construction industry. In addition to basic greetings and general Spanish vocabulary, the course also covers building areas, hand tools, power tools, construction equipment, building supplies, hardware, landscaping, painting, and electrical terms, safety equipment, and supervisory expressions. The course is designed for approximately 16 hours of instruction, is available for 6 months, and includes a certificate of completion when finished.

The course incorporates visual imagery (photos associated with words and phrases for better retention), native speakers to hear proper pronunciation, language tips, intuitive reading exercises, interactive assessments to measure your progress and comprehension, and cultural lessons. And remember--this course is self-paced (with an instructor available to answer questions)! Go through the course as slowly or quickly as you would like.

Printable handouts including a summary of Spanish words and phonetic pronunciations are provided within the course. This online course is 100% web-based. Therefore, it is compatible with PCs and Macs and can be accessed on any computer that has web access. We recommend the following computing requirements:
  • A broadband/high-speed connection (e.g., cable, DSL, T1) to the Internet.
  • A recent version of a web browser (at least Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Netscape 7.2 or higher, or Firefox 1.5 or higher)
  • Flash Player 8 or higher
  • A sound card and speakers or headphones.
  • A screen resolution of 800x600

IntroductionCourse Tutorial, Spanish Pronunciation
Lesson 1

My Life

Greetings, Question Words, Numbers 0-9, Job Titles

Lesson 2

My Time

More Greetings, Numbers 10-10,000, Measurements and Fractions, Days, Months, Date, Time

Lesson 3

My Work Environment

Departments, Places, Directions, Building Areas, Hand Tools, Power Tools

Lesson 4 My Job: Part 1

More Conversational Phrases, Construction Equipment, Hardware, Clothing, Colors
Lesson 5 My Job: Part 2

Survival Words, Plumbing, Electrical, Building Supplies, Job-Related Actions, Supervisory Expressions

Lesson 6 My Administration

Basic Hiring, Personal Characteristics, Job Application, Painting, Landscaping

Lesson 7 My Employees & Relationships

Rules, Job Expectations, Family, Likes/Dislikes

Lesson 8 My Safety & Health

Body Parts, Emergencies & Common Injuries, Safety Equipment
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