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In ''Business Travel Safety: Domestic Travel,'' you will learn how to make travel preparations, including researching your destination and then making appropriate travel arrangements. You will also learn how to increase your safety during air and ground transportation and at destinations, such as hotels, restaurants, and business events.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify precautions you should take before making travel arrangements
  • Identify aspects of your travel location that you should research before departing on your trip
  • Identify information that should be included in an itinerary
  • Identify who you should contact before traveling
  • Identify the documents you should bring on your business trip
  • Identify ways to promote your safety during air travel
  • Identify ways to ensure your safety when traveling on a subway
  • Identify ways to ensure your safety when traveling on foot
  • Identify measures you can take if you are being followed on foot
  • Identify guidelines you can utilize if you are being followed in your rental car
  • Identify guidelines for ensuring that your hotel room is safe
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