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To complete this course, you must do the following:

  • Read the Overview and Course Objectives.
  • Study the Terminology.
  • Read the course material.
  • Complete the Learning Activity.
  • Complete the Post Test with a passing score of 80% or more.

  • Perioperative documentation, the recording of a patient's condition, treatment and response to treatment, is one of the most basic nursing skills. But its importance to both the patient and the nurse providing care cannot be overstated. This is because charting fulfills three important functions: first, it provides information about the patient's current condition, treatment response, and progress, and communicates this to other healthcare providers. Second, it serves as a legal record of the care provided. Third, it provides information used for reimbursement by third party payers.

    This course is designed to provide nurses and other health care providers with a basic understanding of the importance of accurate, timely and thorough perioperative documentation.

  • Explain the purposes of perioperative documentation.
  • Describe general standards for documentation.
  • Explain the advantages of the Perioperative Nursing Data Set.
  • Describe information to be recorded during the perioperative process.

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