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To complete this course, you must do the following:

  • Read the Overview and Course Objectives.
  • Study the Terminology.
  • Read the course material.
  • Complete the Learning Activity.
  • Complete the Post Test with a passing score of 80% or more.

  • For both ethical and legal reasons, obtaining informed consent is required before initiating most types of invasive patient treatment. However, informed consent is more than a signature on a document. It is a patient communication process, usually performed by a physician and the patient. Part of the nurse's role, often, is to act as a witness to the signing of an informed consent form. But the nurse has a larger role as the patient's advocate, which requires a good understanding of all aspects of the informed consent process.

    The purpose of this program is to provide a basic understanding of the ethical and legal requirements of the informed consent process. The program will discuss the goals of the process, the necessary content of an informed consent discussion, some exceptions to consent requirements, and what to do if a patient refuses to give consent.

    This course focuses on informed consent for medical treatment. It does not address consent for other purposes such as research or organ donation. For further information on types of consent not covered by this course, refer to the list of references at the end of this course and consult with your facility's risk manager.

  • Describe the goals of the informed consent process
  • Identify who is responsible for obtaining informed consent
  • Explain who can give informed consent and who cannot
  • Explain what should be discussed during the informed consent process
  • Describe at least four techniques for ensuring the patient understands the informed consent discussion
  • State at least two exceptions to the need to obtain informed consent
  • Explain procedures for an informed refusal
  • Describe documentation of informed consent
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