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This course examines warning signs of workplace violence, why these signs are sometimes not recognized, and how to prevent violence in the workplace from occurring. This course also explores how prevalent the problem is and aggravating factors that can make an already difficult employee violent.


Lesson objectives are to help students understand the reasons for violence in the workplace, learn violence prevention strategies, and explore laws relevant to violence in the workplace. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: learn how to deal with violence crises.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Understanding Violence in the Workplace • Definition of Workplace Violence • Facts about Workplace Violence • Factors Linked with Increased Workplace Violence • Identifying Potentially Violent Employees • Is Your Organization Prepared? Violence Prevention Strategies • Preventing Critical Incidents Is Crucial • The Elements of Prevention • Assemble a Crisis Management Team • Mobilize Professional Advisors • Create a Crisis Management Plan • Establish a Violence-Protection Policy • Know Your Employment Laws • Use Proper Employee-Selection Techniques • Recognize Signs of Trouble • Provide Coaching or Counseling • Take Disciplinary Action Crisis Management • Recognize and Mobilize • What to Do During a Crisis • Ten Pitfalls to Avoid During a Critical Incident • Tips on Nonverbal Communication • Helping Employees Get Through the Trauma • What to Do After a Critical Incident Case Studies • Test Your Knowledge Resource Appendix • Know Your Resources


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