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Instituting Sensible and Affordable Drug Policies and Practices in the Workplace-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>79.95187917
Stress...At Work-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>12.00194045
Food Safety for Restaurants and Institutions-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>30.00194073
HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points-Foodservice Implications-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>30.00194074
Radiation: A Silent Killer Amongst Us-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>30.00194120
Assessing The Potentially Violent Employee-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>60.00194199
The Hostile/Threatening Employee-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>60.00194200
European Computer Driving Licence 4.0 XP-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>145.99194265
European Computer Driving Licence Version 4.0-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>145.99194266
Health and Safety - Essentials-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>145.99194290
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Online Training Bundles

Bundle IDTitleDuration# of CoursesPriceMore Info
4504018Dealing with Organizational Change3 hours1219.004504018
4503994Interpersonal Communication Part 24 hours1199.004503994
4504011Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance3 hours1239.004504011
4503997Fundamentals of Working with Difficult People Part 12 hours1199.004503997
4503954Risk Management and HR (HRCI: PHR/SPHR)6 hours2219.004503954
4504317Safe Driving Part 16 hours1199.004504317
4504325French Harassment and HR Compliance3 hours1169.004504325
4504319Safe Driving Part 33 hours2219.004504319
4504321Forklift Operation2 hours2199.004504321
4504309Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Annual 8-hour Refresher Module5 hours2249.004504309
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