The 5 most important skills in Business.

In the world of business, there are a few key abilities that we must recognize in order to be successful. Although there are many attributes to be considered, here at TrainUp, we have narrowed it down, (in no particular order), to what we feel are the 5 most important skills for success across any industry.


  1. Communication

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”- Epictetus
Communication works well when a person actually works at it. So many people in business cripple their success by limiting their communication with others. When you wish to speak to someone, make the effort to walk over to them to say it. Do not resort to emailing them from 15 feet away. Not only is that lazy, but communication is 20% what you say, and 80% how you say it. Inflection is everything, and requires a voice to deliver the message most effectively. A great deal of communication is lost in a written message because of this, and can be translated in other ways than what was actually intended without the inflection to secure the intended meaning. Email should only be used as a second option, when direct communication is not available. It also adds a personal hands-on touch to your company culture when you are not afraid to speak directly with your colleagues or employees.

Communication is not just about what we say. You must also be a good listener to be a good leader in your business. You are hearing answers to your problems every day, but what are you taking the time to actively listen to? You learn when you listen. When someone is speaking to you, listen completely.

Honest, open, two-way conversations are the only type of conversations worth having in business, as they are the ones that allow for understanding and growth.

A great example comes from us here in the offices. We make every effort to be transparent with our customers and let them know what is happening regarding their classes. Sometimes classes cancel, and we must communicate immediately with our students. In the event of a cancellation, we first call the student, we then follow up with an email alerting them of the schedule change. We are also here to answer every phone call between the hours of 8am and 5pm CST, and have an instant chat feature on our website to address every customer need.


  1. Organization

Organization is about efficiency. It reduces stress and helps to avoid mental clutter. Therefore it is a vital component to success. Being organized can prevent costly mistakes, misplacement of important information, and overcrowded schedules. It gives off a good impression, and enhances the quality of a person’s work. Good Organizational skills communicate a message that you are serious about your job. You will be more productive, and will have less anxiety by exercising good organization. For more information about learning vital organizational skills, refer to the classes listed at the end of this article.


  1. Responsibility

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”-Abraham Lincoln

Responsibility and accountability are as vital as two lungs to your business. In order for your company to survive and grow, there has to be a clear sense of duty involved in every task you carry out.

There are different types of responsibility, there is the responsibility to complete your tasks to benefit your business, and there is social responsibility to ensure that carrying out these tasks also benefits, or at least does not impede upon, society.

Many companies are now becoming more culturally sensitive, and are taking measures to lessen their negative impact on the environment, and the lives of local people, in a greater effort to acknowledge their social responsibility.


  1. Integrity

Choosing how you run your business based on your values, rather than personal gain is a huge strength. Doing things the right way, being honest, and maintaining humility will take you a long way. It may not give you instant gratification every single time, but you will be ultimately rewarded in the end. Do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Your colleges will have respect for you, and your image in business is a powerful thing. People do not want to do business with a dishonest person. Be known for your morality and decency.

At, we might not always have what customers are looking for. Yet, we will still help guide them to another resource that may help them. Although we do not have the exact training they may need, we will do whatever we can to point them in the right direction to find it, even if that means referring them to a competitor.


  1. Passion

The most important thing in business is passion. If you don’t have it, then why do you do what you do in the first place? The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Passion is the foundation of everything, it is what you derive energy from, it is the only thing responsible for your will to thrive and succeed. If you do not have passion, you do not have anything. Passion is your greatest and most basic strength.

At Train up, we are passionate about learning. Education never, ever stops. We are here to connect potential learners to the resources they need, and are dedicated to helping people succeed.

There you have it, arguably the 5 most powerful business qualities.  What are some other qualities you would deem vital to a successful business? Did we miss one? Give us your feedback!

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