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Developing a healthy network of peers you trust plays a major role in your success at work. Cultivating these relationships is an important responsibility and it requires awareness, skills, and technique. Establishing a network of mutually supportive peers requires more than an appearance at a social event your organization sponsors. It's an ongoing exercise in demonstrating social skills and an interest in the success of others. It involves recognizing the role each person serves and building collaborative relationships with a diverse network of your peers who support you as you support them. This course explores how to leverage social and communication skills in building peer relationships. And it demonstrates how to build peer support networks and how to collaborate with peers toward a common goal.

Learning Objectives
  • Determine whether an individual establishes a connection with peers in a given scenario
  • Identify the value that emotional and social intelligence have in forming peer relationships
  • Evaluate the ability of peers to build a support network in a given scenario
  • Identify team members that are capable of collaborating with peers toward a common goal
  • Recognize the advantages of collaborating with peers toward a common goal
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