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Organizations process an increasingly large volume of e-mail every day. To ensure compliance with legal requirements or company policy, messaging records management (MRM) can be used. The two main components of MRM are retention policies and managed folders, both of which are discussed in this course. Also covered is the implementation and management of public folders in your Exchange Server 2010 SP1 organization.

Learning Objectives
  • Use the EMC to create a public folder database
  • Configure limits for a public folder database
  • Recognize how public folder replication works
  • Use the EMC to create a public folder
  • Use the EMC to mail-enable a public folder
  • Use the EMC to configure message size and message delivery restrictions
  • Create and configure public folders and public folder databases
  • Recognize how retention policies and managed folders work in Exchange Server 2010 TO1
  • Recognize how messages with no retention value are removed in Exchange Server 2010
  • Use the EMC to schedule the Managed Folder Assistant
  • Use the EMS to create managed content
  • Use the EMS to create a managed folder
  • Use the EMS to manage mailbox policies
  • Create a folder mailbox policy
  • Deploy Exchange Server 2010 messaging records management
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