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Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows PC desktop operating system. This version represents a significant upgrade which incorporates a default Windows 8 tablet style interface. The more conventional Windows desktop will be still available which is quite like Windows 7 but with a number of upgrades. This course will introduce learners to how to use the new Internet Explorer 10 as well as the Desktop version, along with sharing files, and managing various backup and recovery options in Windows 8. Specific topics covered include Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, sharing files and folders, and exploring the various storage and recovery options available to Windows 8 users.

Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between the Internet Explorer versions in Windows 8
  • Determine the correct sharing option for a given scenario
  • Recognize Windows 8 storage and back up options
  • Determine the most appropriate version of Internet Explorer 10 to use in a given scenario
  • Choose the best file sharing solution for a given scenario
  • Choose the best storage or backup solution for a given scenario
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Internet Explorer 10, File Sharing, and Recovery in Windows 8 Online course
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