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Taking responsibility for meeting your objectives, including deadlines and work targets, is an important component of good business etiquette and demonstrates your attitude of professionalism. While it can be difficult at times, being accountable for delivering on your objectives shows you are reliable, organized, and dedicated to your work. This course introduces the importance of personal accountability and outlines strategies for developing a personal accountability framework. This helps empower you to be your own boss, set your own standards, and carry yourself with professionalism and confidence. It provides you with techniques to set appropriate goals based on your abilities and available resources. And it shows you how to develop an action plan to achieve your goals and use techniques to better manage your energy levels.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize an appropriate accountability goal for a given set of priorities, objectives, and passions
  • Recognize examples of SMART goals
  • Identify steps to take to develop an action plan
  • Organize activities and tasks in a given scenario
  • Identify methods to stay focused
  • Match each example to the type of energy it will help recharge
  • Audience

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