Six secret weapons for educational speakers and trainers.

This Year TrainUp will be in attendance at the National Speakers Association Influence 2017. We are very excited to be at this show in July, as the NSA is a community of more than 3,500 members. These members are all professional speakers and coaches and the NSA is the most respected speaker organization in the industry.

At, I work directly with trainers and speakers from all over the country. I have firsthand insight on how competitive this industry can be. I know from my own recruitment of instructor and speaker talent in my role as Training Coordinator, that in order to stand out you have to have something special.

In light of this, we thought it would be great to share a few tips and resources to trainers and speakers who are working on building their own brand to become the best of the best.

There are a few key attendees and sponsors at this years’ NSA show that would be a great benefit to those starting out in the industry, or to those looking to re-brand themselves. If you are at the show this year, these are my recommendations of which booths you should stop by, along with a few additional outside resources NSA Influence 2017

Speakwell Partners– Speakwell Partners provide public speaking workshops and boot camps. Focusing on “mastery of the three P’s of public speaking: Preparation, Practice, and Presentation.” These classes will allow you to practice your skills in front of others and receive feedback on your performance. This type of training allows you to learn the skills to interact and connect with your audience, allowing you to be more engaging and helping you to clearly communicate your message.


  • American Speechwriter– American Speechwriter is a writing service that can transform any lackluster presentation into an appealing and engaging speech. They pride themselves on offering personal one on one writing services tailored to your unique project. Trainers and Speakers alike can benefit from their services to better connect with, and wow, their various audiences. They also have great tips and articles on their website for planning, and executing your best possible presentation. NSA Influence 2017

  • Better 3– This is a fun one! This is a fantastic tool for automated marketing. Most trainers and speakers have their own website, but are often too busy to market that website while they are also on the road training people. Better 3 can build and maintain your emailing list, and automate your newsletters and advertising to potential clients. They can also help you out with social media posts, and customer research. For those who wish there were more hours in a day, or wish that they had a clone to do their extra work for them, this service could come in pretty handy! NSA Influence 2017

  • Zoom Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing– For hosting webinars, business IM, and virtual meetings, Zoom provides a really good service. It has very affordable pricing, and is very easy to use. You can even broadcast your live feed on Facebook Live from their platform! They provide a free demo of their services on their website and have some cool features in each of their services. This is a great tool for speakers and trainers trying to reach a virtual audience. NSA Influence 2017

  • iTunesU In class, using the iPad makes things easy, especially with iTunesU! Using this program, you can create assignments and immediately share the details with your class. You simply import your materials into iTunes U —activity files, web links, videos, etc. From there you can use these uploaded files to piece together your assignments. You can even generate podcasts for your students to download onto their own iPads! Once you have published something, your students can immediately see it and begin working on, reading, or listening to the provided information and exercises. NSA Influence 2017

  • TrainUp.comC’mon now, you really didn’t think I’d let you get through this article without mentioning, did you? TrainUp is perhaps the easiest way for you to fill your schedule with opportunities to gain experience delivering training or speaking at top corporations over a wide range of industries. TrainUp has corporate clients all over the USA and Canada!

If you want to control your own schedule while having the continuous support of the TrainUp coordination team, then you should contact us. Our Training Coordination team will handle everything for you; from marketing, assigning training opportunities with our clients, acquiring supplemental course-ware where applicable, handling the training room set up, to booking your travel arrangements. All you have to do is focus on what you love to do: training

If you are interested in working with TrainUp as an instructor, we want to hear from you! Please submit your resume and cover letter to

Also, come and see us at the NSA 2017 Influence show!