Debunking the most common fallacies about corporate training.

Are you afraid to pursue training because someone told you something about it at one time or another, that may or may not be true, but regardless it has made you hesitant? We encounter this scenario quite often with our customers, and in most cases people are just misinformed and need a little guidance.

That’s what we’re here for! We educate the customer on the best training options, and put to rest once and for all the misconceptions they may have about training. Here are a few that we find to be common-perhaps you’ve heard some of these before?

TrainUp.comMyth #1: Employers won’t accept it unless it’s from a college.


Here’s why:  Many courses are accepted for either continuing education credit, or as certification by employers. If you’re ever wondering about this- Just ask your employer or HR department. We can also give you information on which company provides the courses you see on, as well as tell you whether or not a class is accepted for industry credits. For example; many of our HR courses are backed by HRCI, our Cisco courses are backed by, you guessed it, Cisco!, our certified Microsoft classes are, yep, certified by Microsoft, and many of our QuickBooks courses are endorsed by Intuit, the creator of QuickBooks.


Myth #2: It’s very expensive


Here’s why: is a training marketplace. That means you can browse our website to compare several course covering a specific subject, provided by over 100 various training companies from across the USA and Canada. Here you can see course agendas, course duration, and best of all-COMPARE PRICES! Our available courses range from as low as $75 and up.


Myth #3: You’ll have to learn on your own.


Here’s WHY: There’s more than one way to learn with We carry the following learning methods:

Classroom Training: This is a traditional classroom setting, with a live instructor physically in the classroom with you.

Virtual Live Training: Enjoy learning from a live instructor, who is remotely delivering training to you though live web feed. This method of training is interactive, students may directly converse with their trainer. Virtual events are held on set days and times. You may log on remotely to your course from home of office, eliminating the need for travel to your course.

Classroom Virtual Live Training: Similar to our standard virtual Live Training, with Classroom Virtual Live training, you can enjoy learning from a live instructor, who is remotely delivering training to you though live web feed. However, these virtual online live training events can also be taken at the local training facility, where a headset and computer will be provided for you.

Online Training: This is self-paced learning. Students can enjoy 24/7 access to the course and may pause/resume whenever they like. Online learning is beneficial to those who seek training while working around a demanding personal or professional

Bundles: Bundle classes consist of various short individual courses that all relate to a certain subject. A bundle class is considered one item, however with the purchase of this item, you are getting several small e-learning courses all included within one great price!

Videos! Yes we also have videos collections available for purchase! Looking for a quick refresher on a Microsoft office application? Perhaps you need to review routing and Switching for your CCNA? We’ve got you covered!

Did we ease your uncertainties about pursuing training? Hopefully now that you know the facts, you feel better about exploring all of your options. We are always available to answer your questions and help you determine which learning pathway is right for you. Give us a call when you’re ready and we’ll give you all the advice you need, and maybe even bust a few more training myths! 866-540-9677.