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Decisions to transform an organization are vital to the health of the business, and organizational change efforts are often made to improve service, streamline operations, and of course improve the bottom line. After such a transformation in your organization, how do you engage, excite, and support the biggest driver for success in your organization - your people? How do you manage your people after organizational change so that, as a team, they support and maintain the benefits of change initiatives? This course covers methods for building and cultivating a culture that effectively sustains organizational change. Specifically, this course introduces techniques for creating a collaborative team environment, as well as strategies for getting employee feedback after change. Finally, techniques for managing and sustaining performance after change initiatives are covered, including the important steps of rewarding ongoing learning and improvement, and providing feedback based on strong performance standards. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Learning Objectives
  • Foster collaboration on a team, in a given organizational change scenario
  • Match modes for collecting employee feedback with appropriate circumstances for using them
  • Recognize how to sustain performance effectiveness through standards and feedback
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